Printer scanner copier Save space and money


The printer scanner copier is often the ideal solution for use with many home computer systems.  This one machine performs three functions.  In many cases, the printer scanner copier costs little more than just a printer would.

One of the primary uses of many home computers is word processing.  Word processing can be used to produce documents such as letters, homework, and work from home.  While many documents produced through a word processor can be sent to their final destination through e-mail, some will need to have a hard copy produced.  In these cases the printer scanner copier can be used to make those needed copies.

People do not have to be too old to remember the time when needing copies meant searching for dimes.  Copy machines had a coin slot that allowed the user to pay for each copy in advance.  With a printer copier scanner in the home, the document that needs to be copied is placed on the flat glass, a button is pushed and the document is copied.  Most color multi-function machines allow the copy to be made in either black for text documents or in color for pictures.

The scanner is an excellent addition to the home computer.  Scanners allow text documents to be scanned and saved to the computer in a digital copy.  This is an excellent way to store documents that may need to be retrieved at a later date.  With the electronic copy, files are easily retrieved and printed if ever needed.  In addition, the scanner can be used to scan photos as well.  This allows the photos to be stored digitally as well.  As a bonus, once the photos are scanned, photo enhancing software can be used to restore older photos or to enhance newer ones. There are even portable printer scanners on the market.

In addition to the normal functions offered by many of the multifunction machines, some also offer the option to serve as a fax machine.  While faxing has become less popular with the ease of emailing documents, there are times that the user needs the capability.  If all other factors are considered about the same when comparing the two machines and fax is available, it could make the machine preferable.

Most printing scanning coping devices purchased for use in the home use inkjet technology to produce the prints.  While the inkjet machines are less expensive to purchase, the consumable supplies, in particular ink cartridges are more expensive.  Overall, prints on the inkjet machines are more expensive than those made on laser printers.  Individuals or small businesses wanting an all in one printer scanner copier laser printer will find these devices are available and produce prints at lower prices.  They are a good choice for those who make several hundred prints each month.  In addition, the laser device generally offers a higher speed output after the first copy is made.

Practically all the printer manufacturers today produce a multi-function all in one device.  Selection of the right all in one laser printer for the consumer is often dependent upon intended use, cost and personal preference.  If comparing inkjet machines, consumers may want to also compare ink prices to calculate the per print cost.  Some manufacturers per print price is notoriously higher than others.

When it is time to replace the printer for a home computer or for a small business, the printer scanner copier is the choice of many consumers.  These devices combine three or more functions with a single machine.  Printers scanners copiers offer a way to save money as well as a way to save space in the office or home office while performing several tasks.


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